About Scripturally Sound

At its best, Christian music draws from the Word of God, the Bible. But never before has there been a resource for Christ-followers to discover, reference and discuss the biblical inspiration behind song lyrics of their faith. Additionally, church music directors are often met with the challenge of finding worship music that corresponds with what a minister will preach. Enter ScripturallySound.com.

We’re enhancing the church worship experience by connecting scriptures to songs in one simple search. Aiding music ministers to find scripturally-based songs and support pastors’ sermons, the song-to-scripture resource helps worship pastors save time researching through our efficient search engine. Whether a church congregation sings traditional hymns, gospel, southern gospel, contemporary worship or Christian global music, subscribers can discover songs using a scripture, Bible theme or song title, and subsequently narrow down songs by tempo, genre or date. Our robust, interactive database uses music as a memory tool for Bible knowledge through song-inspired devotionals. These lessons, packed with commentary and questions, can be studied by the worship team in preparation for a service, or offered as a church program. Scripturally Sound thus sets itself apart from worship music resources that only provide Christian lyrics and chord charts for music ministers. The result? A content, worship music team scripturally sound in their choice of music, a thematic church service and engaged church members. Combining technology, music and bible education, we’re helping churches remain relevant in this modern world.

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